Justin pressfield


Justin Pressfield Senior Advisor

Areas Of Expertise

  • Government Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Foreign and Domestic Policy
  • Communications


  • B.A. in Economics, Environment and Politics, Claremont McKenna College


Justin Pressfield joined the Kyle House Group as a Senior Advisor in the fall of 2014. Justin brings a diverse and unique background in government and media relations with a track record of success in managing complex foreign and domestic policy matters. He has a decade of experience in leadership roles involving global policy and communications initiatives at the Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Department of Interior. Justin possesses extensive knowledge of the people, programs and processes inside the executive and legislative branches.

Justin served as a Senior Advisor in the Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton under then-Deputy Secretary Jacob Lew, and advised on high-level decision-making processes involving the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, State Department, and USAID. Justin worked on a diverse portfolio of foreign assistance matters including the President’s funding request levels for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, military financing, education, global health, democracy and human rights, technology and innovation, and climate change, as well as humanitarian assistance programs. Justin has worked closely with a variety of NGOs, foundations, public institutions and the private sector.

Prior to his work at the State Department, Justin was in charge of Senate Appropriations issues for USAID, while also handling all Congressional affairs matters related to Asia and the Middle East. Justin led the USAID/Iraq Office’s media and Congressional affairs for several years, helping the agency navigate its multibillion-dollar reconstruction effort. Justin also has experience navigating the complex, post-disaster humanitarian response environment.  He has on-the-ground experience working on the post-tsunami reconstruction effort in Sri Lanka and post-earthquake response in Haiti.

In addition to government and Congressional relations, Justin is an expert on media relations, having served as a spokesperson for the U.S. Government on a variety of issues. He has conducted dozens of live, on-the-record press interviews, written and edited numerous high-profile op-eds, issued hundreds of news releases, managed high-profile press conferences, and worked behind the scenes with all the major television networks, newspapers, and radio and online news outlets. He has prepared hundreds of subject-matter experts to face the press, both through 600-person trainings as well as individually tailored sessions.

Justin is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College where he studied Economics, Environment and Politics. In addition to Washington, DC, and Northern California, he has lived and worked in Iraq, Thailand, Haiti, and Sri Lanka.  He is a California native, having grown up in the heart of Silicon Valley. He and his wife, Lissa, have two young boys, Bryce and Eli.