Other Services

Fundraising: KHG provides tailored fundraising services to Members of Congress, political action committees, corporations, associations and non-profit organizations. Our fundraising services include strategy design, donor list development, event planning and fundraising solicitations.
Strategic Communications: KHG advises clients on how best to communicate and position their agenda to policymakers and thought leaders. These services include everything from the development of information and marketing materials to media strategies and brand management.
Coalition Development and Management: We have assisted a number of foundations, NGOs and corporations in developing broad-based coalitions around priority issues, drawing from our network in the business community, global development community, foreign governments, and multilateral organizations. KHG’s team members have significant experience building and managing coalitions on a variety of policy issues, and our coalition services include campaign-driven coalition development, lobbying, messaging, and day-to-day coalition management.
We manage a leading corporate coalition on global development and trade issues, which is called American Leadership in Global Development (ALGD).  ALGD is co-chaired by Chevron, IBM and Bechtel, and its purpose is to advocate for private sector led development models, and to advance policies that improve public-private partnerships in global development.
Event Planning and Management: KHG regularly plans and executes client events in and outside of Washington, DC, including conferences, board meetings, retreats, Washington fly-ins, and other activities.  KHG has managed corporate client participation at high level events, such as the World Economic Forum (and the regional forums), the UN General Assembly Meetings, the G8 and G20, the recent Africa Leaders Summit, etc.  KHG also regularly plans and executes high-level public and private events with our corporate clients with targeted audiences to help develop new partnerships and consensus around priority client issues.
The KHG team has planned and managed a number of domestic and international trips for clients. These trips have included fact-finding trips to the field, the hosting of congressional delegations overseas, visits to U.S. military bases and combatant commands, and meetings with Members of Congress, governors, mayors and other elected officials in their home constituencies.