About the Kyle House Group


The Kyle House Group (KHG) provides hands-on and customized consulting services to a diverse portfolio of clients in the non-profit and commercial sectors. We operate at the nexus of government and the business and philanthropic communities, where our experienced team of professionals specializes in political and commercial advocacy, partnership development, policy analysis, and strategic communications.
KHG advises a broad cross-section of companies, coalitions, leading non-profits, foundations, international organizations, business associations, Members of Congress and celebrities. We also develop and manage a number of high-level advocacy and engagement projects and coalitions that feature leaders across the government, commercial, non-profit and national security sectors.
The KHG team has dedicated our careers to advocating for smarter and more effective policy solutions on global development and health, international trade and investment, conservation and corporate responsibility, as well as national security and international commerce.  We are committed to deploying our expertise and experience to help our clients achieve their goals.

History of the Kyle House

When the Confederacy retook Rogersville in early 1863 during the Battle of Big Creek, they established their headquarters at the Kyle House.  The choice of the Kyle House was ironic, considering it was built primarily by free laborers; whereas the Union headquarters across the street (the Hale Springs Inn) was built through slave labor.  

Thankfully, Rogersville was largely spared from the violence of the Civil War, as the Union and Confederate leaders in Rogersville wisely elected to resolve their disputes through nightly poker games, which alternated between the Kyle House and the Hale Springs Inn. 

The Kyles first arrived in America when Robert Kyle immigrated from Tyrone, Ireland in the mid 18th Century and purchased a piece of land in Buckingham County, VA in 1749. His youngest son, Captain Robert Kyle, served in the Revolutionary War in 1777 and later moved to Hawkins County, Tennessee, where he and his wife Leah reared a large family on their farm: "Walnut Hill" west of Rogersville, Tennessee.

The Kyle Family spelling can be traced back to the year 1096 where Hugh Kyle the Great was commander in-Chief and in the First Crusade. Kyle is a Scottish name taken from the Celtic word Caol, which means narrow or straight. The first King of the Scots, Fergus was crowned in Kyle, after defeating Coelius. William Wallace is believed to have been born and raised in Kyle, as was Robert the Bruce. The Stewarts, later to be Kings, ruled half of Kyle, called "Kyle Stewart," and even today HRH Prince Charles retains the title, Baron of Kyle. Renowned poet, Robert Burns was also a Kyle man.